Fuel Economy - How To Increase Your Vehicle's Gas Mileage In These Crucial Times

With the rising gas prices and car manufacturer's fighting amongst themselves to give the customer's the offer that they can't resist free gas for a year, the ones who are already on the road or those who are wondering what happens after the one year is over, here are some tips that may help you improve your car's performance and help in saving you some dollars at the gas station. These are simple, easy to follow ways that once you ad to your routine, you won't even notice but what you will notice is the better performance of your car and improved mileage.

Always change the oil in your vehicle in a regular interval ideally once in three months. As miles get piled up in your odometer, it is the oil that protects the engine from wear and tear and enhances its performance. Changing motor oil is not difficult at all if you have the right tools or you can always make a quick pit stop every three months at your service center and get it changed in fifteen minutes flat.

Tires play a vital role in your car's performance. These should be maintained well. Ensure that the tires are aligned correctly, that the pressure is maintained and that the tires are regularly rotated. Worn-out tires cause more friction on the road, leading to the engine working harder and a more gas.

Take out excess things from your trunk or the back seat. You will be amazed how smooth your car runs. The books, tools that we keep on adding to our trunk or the back seat increases the weight of the car and often the rear end goes down causing the engine to over work. Again a sure shot to improve your mileage by maintaining the weight that your vehicle carries.

Plan your trips and club trips to the same area together. It's simple; fewer trips, less gas! Use carpools or avail of park and ride options.

Modern day cars come loaded with features that may actually help you improve the performance of your car. From low-rolling resistance tires to cruise control all contribute towards better engine performance and as a result better mileage. On a freeway, try cruise control so that your car maintains a certain speed. It is no secret that uniform speed always works out good for the car's performance

Driving within the speed limit actually improves the car's performance drastically. You should reach the optimum speed for the certain gear range and you will get the best mileage from your car. It is a misconception that speeding means less gas as you reach your destination sooner. Higher speed than what is optimum for a certain gear alignment overworks the engine generating more heat and greater consumption of gas.

Keep the above tips in mind when you are driving and the better mileage is guaranteed how much ever old or new is your vehicle!


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