Things You Can Do To Keep From Being Taken On Your Next Car Purchase

The finance people at new car franchises know numerous unconventional financing routes that you can make the best of. They will also, most likely, have a much better choice of automobiles for you to select from thus expanding your probabilities of finding a great vehicle for your particular needs.

Irrespective of where you go to find your automobile, be sure to stand fast and continue within your means. DO NOT allow anybody talk you into purchasing an automobile that you either can't afford or are not really in love with. At the same time there are tons of other cars you could fall in love with. Be prepared to walk away from the vehicle if the deal doesn't conform to the criteria you laid out earlier. Your power to negotiate a good deal will increase by leaps and bounds.

Maybe most importantly, acquire the vehicle identification number (VIN) which is generally found on the driver's side dash and is visible through the windshield. When you have the VIN, you are able to discover a lot of data about your potential car.

Log on to and enter in the VIN. Once you do this, you'll have a complete account on the history of the car including all previous owners, whether or not it has been in an accident with damage, and much more information. Armed with this knowledge can make a difference in whether or not you purchase that particular car.

As a wholesale car buyer I personally had an experience where I went to purchase a car from a rental car agency. The salesperson told me it was a "program" car which can mean an assortment of different things; it could be a dealer car, a rental car, or an executive car among other things. The salesperson promised me that this specific car was a car used by executives from the rental car company to use and that when it arrived at a certain amount of miles, it was offered up for sale. As it proved from the carfax report, the salesperson lied to me. The particular car I was looking at wasn't driven by a rental car company executive, It was a common everyday rental car and it had been wrecked more than once.

I would never have questioned this until I began having some major problems with the car just three months after buying it or until I sold it to someone else and they had issues with it. I have had problems with cars before that were not consistent with a car that was that new, and the company I bought from wasn't willing to make good on all the problems I was having.

The moral of the story is to do your research. If you're not certain about a car purchase, walk away. Trust your gut instinct, this is the biggest mistake I see people make. Look very cautiously at what you are going to purchase and make certain that what the seller is presenting the car as is completey accurate.


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