Are Motorcycles For You?

As long as they have been around, motorcycles have changed through the years. When they first came out many years ago, motorcycles were more frequently ridden by those whose primary interest was to roam freely across the land, camp outdoors and join a gang. I guess some would consider them as a street gang on wheels. The times have drastically changed since those days, in fact, even though motorcycle gangs may still be active in certain areas, for the most part motorcycle riding is no longer restricted to any particular class of rider. Riders have changed to individuals who enjoy the freedom of the open roads and who have a general love for motorcycles.

Choosing the most appropriate motorcycle will really depend on your needs and riding intentions. For instance, if you enjoy cross country and long distance riding, you may wish to consider the Triumph Thunderbird 1600 which is sure to impress the most severe critic, as it rumbles with you on it to your every destination. You should insist that your motorcycle covers all the requirements on your check list, for instance some bikes do not have enough room on it to store your luggage, so choosing the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing may satisfy that requirement while it offers the sleek and aerodynamic contours to ensure a smooth trip across the desert.

Staying safe as a motorcycle rider requires patience and some ground rules, after all, the protection that a motorcycle provides is pretty much none existent. A touchy subject by many riders, (everyone with a different opinion) is the use of a helmet, while some states and countries allow you to choose for yourself, others enforce a helmet law. Be aware of road conditions when taking corners, remember it is far easier for a motorcycle to pick up a skid and lose complete control, than it is for a car. Winter riding conditions spring on you, a whole new set of rules, so the best advice would be to ride with greater caution than you normally would, during those months.

Some motorcycle riders are quite content to ride around in the city or county, where they are close to home and shelter, should weather conditions change in a hurry. On the other hand, most riders by their very nature are adventure seekers and consider it a challenge to take on new and more interesting scenic routes to explore. When choosing the route on your next motorcycle trip, you should consider access to rest stops for both you and your bike, especially those that have a reputation to be somewhat biker friendly. The last thing you need to do on a long distance ride is to have engine problems and nowhere to fix it.

Many motorcycle riders today choose to ride because they enjoy the feeling of the motorcycle under them. What would make a motorcycle rider choose a bike over a automobile? I believe a Harley covers that pretty much, and its all about the camaraderie. If that is not enough, then consider the money that you will save at the gas pump, or the low environmental impact that your bike is adding to the elements. Then there is the ease of parking, or commuting, all for less than about fifteen thousand dollars. Some riders choose this means of transportation, just because they think it makes them look cool.

So now that you have chosen the bike you feel good on, you have charted the best destination, and chosen the safest and most appropriate route for you to get there, what else is left to do? Gas up, do a systems check and ride with others in mind.


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